Puppy Enrolment Form

We are thrilled you have chosen us for your Puppy Preschool classes and we look forward to spending time with you and your puppy. We just need some more information about you, your treasured new puppy and their living environment so we can prepare for their first session.

All About You


This is my first pet I've had other pets before just not a dog I've had a dog previously but it has been a while I'm an experienced dog owner
I have a lot of experience training dogs, I’m mostly coming for socialising the puppy I’ve done some training, just the basics I've never done training before
Treats / Toys Praise Deterrents (citronella or sonic collar) Other
Standard Collar Check / Choker Chain Head Halter Harness (body) Other

All About Puppy

Male Female
Yes No

Puppy's Interactions and Environment

Yes Sometimes No
Yes Sometimes No
Yes Sometimes No
Yes Sometimes No
No, puppy is the only animal at home Yes, Please list type and age

How many people does puppy live with and what ages are they?