We run a four-week Puppy Classes course that covers general healthcare, obedience and training. Our classes also allow your puppy to socialise with other puppies at this critical early stage of life.

However the best thing about these classes is that they are so much fun, not only for puppies, but for owners too!

Important topics covered during our classes include:

  • Socialisation and play
  • Toilet training
  • Night-time sleeping
  • The importance of physical contact
  • Basic obedience using verbal commands such as "sit", "watch/look", "drop", "roll over", "stay", "come", "settle", "on your bed/mat" and using hand signals
  • Teething
  • How to address common behavioural issues such as chewing, digging, nipping, jumping up, excitability etc.
  • Enrichment and further training
  • Healthcare topics including vaccination, heartworm prevention, worming, flea prevention, feeding and nutrition, nail clipping, bathing and grooming, sterilisation, microchipping and more!

Our course also includes two complimentary individual consultations with our qualified Veterinary Nurse teachers in the few months after graduation, to follow up on your puppy's training and for you to ask any further questions you may have.